Your kids will explore 5 different countries on Forged in Hope, discovering that everyone is a treasure to God. They’ll also learn about children living in poverty around the world and ways to make a difference.

As your students explore Nepal, Kenya, Albania, Honduras, and the U.S., they’ll hear the stories of boys and girls whose lives have been touched by poverty. These children have no guarantee of meals, shelter, or an education. They need help. And they need the hope that only comes from salvation in Jesus Christ.


country-flag-hondurasUnited States

Each night, during the Mission Moment, kids will meet Agnes, an enthusiastic – if slightly clumsy – apprentice blacksmith who has a heart for children in need. As she helps her kingdom prepare for the upcoming battle, Agnes will share what she’s learned about standing strong in God’s truth. Every day she will introduce a child in another part of the world who needs our help.

Our VBS kids can help by collecting coins to fill Children’s Hunger Fund Coin Paks and help provide meals for children in need. We’ll have the Coin Paks (see image below) ready for your child to take home to begin gathering coins.

The Coin Paks make it possible for Children’s Hunger Fund to fill Food Paks. A Children’s Hunger Fund Food Pak is a box of up to 20 pounds of nutritious food that can feed a family for up to a week. In a Food Pak, every meal costs just 25 cents!


The Food Paks are provided to partner churches in the US and around the world who deliver them to homes of families in need. Along with food delivery, relationships are built and the Gospel is shared.

Find our more about the Children’s Hunger Fund

Be sure to mark the dates on your calendar
Sunday, June 25 – Thursday, June 29, 2023
6:15 – 8:30 p.m. 

*There is no cost/fee for VBS.