Guest Speaker

Lynn Jackson

Denbigh Baptist Church is pleased to introduce and welcome Lynn Jackson.

Lynn has a deep passion for challenging and encouraging women to acknowledge real life, while embracing their real Jesus.

The Book of Psalms is her favorite, as the truth of the Psalms does not deny how very desperate life can be and yet how very near is our Heavenly Father.  He is there to hold our hand in the dark places and remind us to whom we belong.

Lynn JacksonLynn came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in her early twenties. She married a seminary man and in the blink of an eye became a pastor’s wife.

She and her husband, Scott, raised four children in the pastorate for over twenty years and have recently been blessed with their second grandchild.

They are now entering their 10th year as missionaries with Churches in Missions.  After homeschooling four children for over twenty years, Lynn is starting her second career as a public speaker.